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Our Mission


We assist people in their development as authentic and confident people. We nurture cooperative interaction and mutual appreciation within groups. 


The goals and needs of our participants are always in focus. We create a safe space for old ways to be replaced with new and positive perspectives, take on challenges by choice, and to try something new.


We offer adventure. Primarily in nature to provide authentic experiences, which we use as teaching tools for our groups to "learn by experience."


Learning as a lifelong process:

To always be learning new things is a life goal for each of us. We see ourselves as a "learning organization", and are continuously providing opportunities for our employees to further their knowledge, and constantly bring new ideas to our programs. We strive to provide the experience of constantly growing horizons and options in life to our participants. In the end, participants, teachers and leaders grow and learn from one another, this is what we strive for, to us, this is success.


Holistic approach:

The essence of experiential education, particularly the interaction of head, heart and hand, shapes our work significantly. Each of our actions combines cognitive, emotional and physical processes so that our participants can, as much as possible, have meaningful, formative experiences.



We treat people fairly and respectfully. We practice tolerance in dealing with our fellow human beings and promote democracy and cooperation in groups. Most importantly, these include; clear communication, and transparency of decision making and planning processes. We place special emphasis on an inclusive attitude towards people living with any kind of restriction, or disability.




We use nature as a model to plan our activities as much as possible. In this regard, we are aware of, and use the tension between natural and initiated actions as a teaching tool in short-term education. All our employees know our goals and values and use them as the basis for their actions. Still, each trainer brings their own unique personality to the programs they lead.



A healthy lifestyle for us includes a varied diet, emotional balance and appropriate physical activity. We achieve this with intensive outdoor exercise and the inclusion of individuals in the group. In our programs, physical and emotional safety is an essential basis for positive experiences. Stress management holds an important place in the interplay between tension and relaxation.


Environmental awareness:

We have respect for nature and teach ecological awareness to our participants. We protect the earth's resources and use them sustainable manner. Outdoor experiences lead to a close emotional attachment to nature. Nature is the classroom that broadens our horizons.