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Our MissionEducational Philosophy


Convinced of the principles of progressive education, we see experiential oriented learning as a triad of head, heart and hand:



We ask participants to reflect on their actions. In this way we try to create experience that participants can retain. This is done through creative reflection methods, without our leaders providing solutions to a problem.


We emphasize the importance of being able to transfer this experience into everyday life. This is achieved through a regular alternation between action and reflection. Each participant collects his or her personal "pool of experiences" of positive problem solving skills that can be used in everyday life.



In addition to psychological and physical security, we believe that fun, creativity and excitement are imperative to successful experiential learning. This encourages the participants to be open to new ideas and knowledge as well as a willingness to engage in our educational approach. During and after the activities, we give the participants enough space for them to process their emotions. This supports the sustainable impact of the events and experiences for them.



A person will most likely be ready to change if he or she is actively able to influence processes and is able to witness the consequences of his or her actions first hand. Such memories are anchored more strongly when they are associated with movement.



Our methodological principals:



We create challenges and comfort-zone-testing experiences (physical,

psychological and social in  nature) to expand participant’s ability to deal with situations (comfort-zone model). Participants have the choice to take part in whatever activities and challenges they are willing to undertake (challenge by choice).


A rotation between action and reflection helps to anchor experiences, and focus goals and themes encountered in activities.


We strive to achieve a high degree of self-direction within groups. We see ourselves in a support and moderator role, and limit the amount we intervene during activities to that of ensuring safety.


Participation is always voluntary and each participant decides the degree of his or her self-challenge (challenge by choice).


 For us, individuality is important. Everyone in a group should be able to develop individually, but it is also necessary to say that in some cases the need of the group takes priority over that of the individual. 



Learning objectives of our programs:



Above all, we want to help young people develop into responsible and confident people.


In particular, that means for us:


Promoting self-confidence and self-esteem


Experience and expansion of personal boundaries


Build confidence within the group


Build awareness, consideration and willingness to help each other


Teaching creative and constructive problem solving skills within in a team setting


 Improving communication and interaction within a group