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School TripsBack to the Middle Ages . .  .

Back to the middle Ages


Jugend Neuerburg in the German-Luxemburg National Park
The location

Jugend Neuerburg is located high above the small village of Neuerburg in the South Eifel and in the middle of the German – Luxemburg National Park. Its history goes back deep into the Middle Ages. Due to its surroundings, woods and rivers, it is an ideal spot for the tasks to be solved during our stay. Don’t forget your TT bat, Basket Ball and football!
Exploring nature and ourselves

With this programme we will arise curiosity in the world and nature around us. In so doing the pupils will discover more about themselves and those around them facing and finding new characteristics.

Our programme


11.00 – 12.00     Arrival and occupy accommodation
12.00                  Lunch (warm)
14.00                  Meet the trainers, programme presentation
14.30 – 17.30     and visit the river and prepare survey spots
18.00                  Evening meal
20.00                  Night Action - Solo


7.00                    Rise and shine
7.15                    Sports
8.00                    Breakfast (prepare packed lunch)
9.30                    Map and compass
10.00 – 17.00     Depart with bus to project area. Outdoor Rally including                                      river  tasks organised by the teachers
18.00                  Evening meal (warm)
19.00                  Teachers evening


7.00                    Rise and shine
7.15                    Sports
8.00                    Breakfast
9.30                    Final group challenge and presentation of river surveillance
11.30                  Reflection
12.00                  Lunch, pack and clean
14.00                  Depart

The trip includes

    Bus transfer
    Full board accommodation in the Jugend Neuerburg
    All adventurous pursuits costs (safety equipment, ropes, helmets etc.)
    Highly qualified trainers


Price per pupil
? € all above included