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Our MissionGoals

We work to achieve...


...that being outdoors provides positive experiences that fulfill the need for neglected body movement and connection with nature. Our participants learn new dimensions of their bodies and their environment through games and playful activities. Experiences of this kind provide alternatives to passive consumption and addiction and promote self-esteem.


...our educational programs and goals focus on one hand, on building cohesion, cooperation and confidence in the class or group. On the other hand, they provide opportunities for individuals to pursue challenges. These feelings can not be heard or learned - they must be "experienced" directly.


The combination of movement, personal challenge and learning is particularly suited for working with children and young people. The high level of challenge and experiential qualities of the games and tasks provides a strong incentive for participants to take part in this approach to teaching and learning. By participation in head, heart and hand learning, the experiences will be emotionally anchored and retained for a long time.


Specific objectives of our experiential education programs are; to strengthen the confidence of participants, along with the ability to recognize and accept their own limits and to set realistic goals.  For children and youth currently in the development phase of life, working on these themes provides a useful and orientating guide for their further self-development. Furthermore, such programs offer the opportunity to address issues such as students with disabilities in the group or the integration of new people.


All of the methods used range from simple cooperative tasks and games including raft building, and map and compass orienteering hikes, to rock climbing or ropes courses activities. For specific program content, please see our program details.


Our experiential education programs have a cost. In order to provide high-quality experiences, we usually serve a maximum of 14 participants per 1 leader. Our employees are qualified in different technical areas and use the most up-to-date safety standards in the industry.


Three important principles guide our exciting educational activities: we aim to provide fun and excitement for our participants as a basis for openness to learning new content. The voluntary nature of the activities for all participants at all times is an essential tool to help foster conscious decision-making. The safety of all participants, both physically and emotionally, is our base for the development of trust.