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Natur bewegt e.V.What Speaks for us?

Our Experience:

Natur bewegt was founded in 1998, and has since, established itself as one of the largest experiential education organization in the German Speaking areas of Europe. Our 8 person office team, and the experience of working with about 900 groups and about 25,000 participants each year will serve you, our customers well.

Our customer focus:

We do everything to ensure the success of your program with us; you will receive detailed information and materials for the preparation, and follow-up of the program. We will also conduct a preliminary telephone call before each individual program. Please contact us if you have any special requests.


Our safety standards:

The safety of our participants is our first priority: We use certified mountain sports equipment to ensure the safety of all of our climbing and challenge actions. Clear procedures that meet accepted standards, and the professionalism of our trainers ensure that participants always feel that they are in good hands.


Our trip leaders:

Our best asset! All of our trip leaders have completed certified training. All bring different professional qualifications in addition to, above all, enthusiasm for working with children and adolescents. Our trip leaders all take part in regular training courses, which provide new ideas, up-to-date technical knowledge, and ensure a high degree of professional care and safety.


Your feedback:

The satisfaction of our participating groups is impressive: 98% rated our programs on a whole as being "good" to "very good". To the question "Was the program appropriate for your group?" We get an average score of A- (1,6)!